April 2022


borrowed time, a wilderness inside,

do we dare surmise?

(without knowing what the truth is)

inside out,

know the way.

outside in,

the ways to know.

regress to the mean

i mean get centered

i guess it depends

on whether

or not

you believe (in wonder)

tomorrow’s heroes

we talk about a new way out

from this semiotic pollution

you did what you could for my eyes

i went looking for it

the mythic,

(with its) inverted commitments,

what do you think they’ll say about us?



not (your throes)

to the thrones

the secrets that we knew,

the gaps in the culture,

the devils are inside,

i bet you need a little more of mine

the illusion is

an intrusion to,

the harvest moon

and one day soon,

we’ll all be doomed

when we got back the ceremony began

follow it where it goes

the disguise was perfect

what comes after this try?

constant stranger

abstract danger

it could be no plainer

(bind us to your savior)

i look at the people

everyone smiles

what have we done?

(there are no rules to this ...)

hiding this nervous breath i,

dip to a new depth

body parts with

nothing to show

mythic reanimation of the soul

come to life

the eyes moving slowly

i think that it’s time

anything is everything

don’t lose the lesson

what do you want from my mind?

thru thin layers of chaos,

reality is twisting,

the ground is shifting,

the dream was glistening


i’m losing it

you can’t cross until it’s green

and that’s when I give up

second order vanity

isn’t that your way?

the time has come

finally you would dream

I don’t know what it’s gonna be

every kind of pleasure

drown us out

lessons sometimes learnt

They are faceless

Here at the edge of the world

It’s fading from me

To have reached the end

Endlessly perfecting itself

Who is this really?

All the devils are here

Discover dissonance

Relax, it’s only a crisis

Everyone’s broken now

Accumulating a complex

You withdrew in confusion

How’s my mental state?

The shape of things to come.

We make more of this don’t we?

A glimpse of eternal truths.

We know nothing about it.

Would you even know it happening?

Unfold from yourself

Surrender to the process

Try not to add to the burden

Final disintegration of ego into

other possible futures

It’s an interesting story you’re telling yourself

try as hard as you can

strategic silence

knowledge of the tide keeps rising

Much was decided before

karmic accrual

all their bags left behind

when they ask, what do I see?

That’s already been done

It’s generated itself

Regressions of a past life

What is enough remains the same

What’s in your ❤️?

You know it never stays the same

You couldn’t see how it ends

They were watching over by us the whole time

the path of distinction

makes me wish for eloquence

a ritual of transformation

return to this dimension and

find the beautiful thing

we look for words

practicing a utopia

darkness is lost here

the endless horizon inside

I live in my fantasy